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Multivariate Linear Regression Pythion gradient descent thecsengineer

Hi, welcome to the blog and after a good response from the blog where I implemented and explained the Univariate or single variable version of the algorithms here is another walkthrough tutorial of how this works in a situation where there are multiple variables and we want to predict something .

So, here we have now 2 features that are the size or the area of the house and the number of rooms and our goal is to predict the price for an unknown input which we do at the end of the tutorial .

If you are new to these algorithms and you want to know their formulas and the math behind it then I have mentioned it on this Machine Learning Week 1 Blog

If you are going through Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course you want to learn how to implement it in Python instead of Octave which is used in the course then you have come to the right place. 

Let's get started !!


From the Machine and Deep Learning Repository :

I hope you learnt a lot and if you want the jupyter notebook code then you can find it in my Machine and Deep Learning repository on Github . If you like the repository then do Star🌟,Fork 🍴 or or Watch πŸ‘€ it .

Thank You and waiting for your comments !!✔️🧑


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