How I Got almost 10,000 Reddit Karma in One Day and Why ? | Reddit Awards & Upvotes

How I Got almost 10,000 Reddit Karma in One Day and Why ? | Reddit Awards & Upvotes

How I Got almost 10,000 Reddit Karma in One Day  thecsengineer Saumya Ranjan Nayak

It was Sunday and a pretty normal day just chilling and I came across a meme that I felt was pretty hilarious and it was related to programming so, I shared it on an awesome Reddit community and had no idea that it would become one of the world's top 25 post on reddit and hit it's popular front page .

How it Happened ? :

So, this is how the story goes - so after laughing at the meme, I thought instead of just laughing alone, let's just post it on ProgrammerHumour, which is a very popular subreddit where people can share funny and humorous things or mainly memes related to programming and make other like minded people laugh too. 

And then I just got busy with some work of mine and when I checked after an hour or so it got around 100 upvotes which I expected and is pretty great too.

It Just Blew Up :

Then later after some time when I unlocked my phone , there were endless orange reddit icons on my notification bar .And then to my surprise it had crossed around 1000 upvotes and then it just did not stop and the post just blew up and around evening it got around 10,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments I guess and also people were kind and gave me some reddit awards which I had seen earlier in different popular posts but never thought of getting one . If you want to know more about awards you can go here.

And it just kept going on and as I write this blog ,wait let me check....WHOA !! it has 29,500 upvotes, and 91 awards and 298 great comments which is just insane .And this brings my reddit karma to 10,900 of which around 10,000 I gained just on that day itself  .

Why did this Happen  ? :

So, then I wondered why did this post become so popular and then when I read the comments and got to know that the context of the meme was so relatable and almost happens to us programmers everyday that people just loved it so much .

Lesson of The Day :

So, what we all must take from this event is that if we are able to produce content to which people will relate to then that's the real gem . For example many people find it a bad idea to speak about their failures either physically or on a video and just think that people just want to know how you are after succeeding but the real thing is we must share is this awesome process of failing over and over till some point where success is inevitable because people can RELATE to it and learn from our mistakes .

Well I got a bit philosophical there I guess but the gist is just that if you want people to like and engage with the content you create , then just be real because that's what everyone has gone through and thus can relate to it.

Thanks for bearing me this far !! 😀❤


Saumya Ranjan Nayak

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