How I Made My first Software Using Tkinter and Python ? | Python Builds

How I Made My first Software Using Tkinter and Python ? | Python Builds

My first Software TheCSEngineer Saumya Ranjan Nayak

     I had neither the plan of making a graphical software nor did I know how to but somehow I decided and I ended up doing it and I am going to share why I made this simple desktop software using Python and the Tkinter, that I named off the top of my mind - Productive Search .


So, recently since like ten days I became very distracted by Youtube not because it's bad rather because it's suggestion/recommendation algorithm is so good that whenever I was studying something and had to search it on YouTube and thus when I go to Youtube's homepage, there will definitely be someone I like to watch streaming or some awesome video that I just have to watch . 


So, yesterday I just thought that I don't want to go on youtube's homepage while studying and end up watching something else and instead of what I came for . And recently I found web scraping and automating with Python pretty interesting and thus I thought let's try and write a script that would automatically show me the search results of youtube for the thing I am searching for thus eliminating the process of opening the browser and going to the homepage .And thus making studying pretty minimalistic ,no recommendations and no distractions.

So , I googled stuff and here and there and was able to make it work .But then I thought wouldn't it be great if  I made a graphical user interface that would act like an on screen youtube search software, which I would keep open while studying and thus when I had to search something I could pass the text through the GUI to the underlying script and thus end up with the results on my browser .This seemed pretty clean and sounded like a plan and I went on with it . 


Software Using Tkinter and Python TheCSEngineer Saumya Ranjan Nayak

So, today after waking up today I decided to use Tkinter which is the standard Python interface and to the Tk GUI toolkit , thus basically it is Python based and can be used to make simple user interfaces . And instead of first going through an hour long tutorial or something which I would later forget (Tutorial Hell), I decided to go the classic developer way , google stuff , read a bunch of answers on Stack Overflow , apply and learn . Thus I sat from around 9 AM and I was done around 1-2 PM . 

So , this is what I created and though many of you may find it pretty simple but I am very proud of it as it is the first ever desktop software I made and which I once dreamt of :

youtube searching productivity Software Using Tkinter and Python TheCSEngineer Saumya Ranjan Nayak

To use it clone the Github Repository and there just run the .py file . Do give a star on Github, means a lot ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ.

Actually figuring out how to center things in Tkinter took a lot of time .And also my online classes were going on side which I obviously did mute. 

So, after making this I surely realized that this way of hacking , searching ,reading and creating stuff from scratch is the best way to learn new things and I would definitely suggest you to do it too and save a lot of time and not get stuck in tutorial hells like many.

Let's just never fear from learning something new and keep creating stuff. ✔️๐Ÿงก


Saumya Ranjan Nayak

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