I Am Starting To Learn Machine Learning | Life Update

I Am Starting To Learn Machine Learning | Life Update

Machine Learning thecsengineer saumya ranjan nayak

Hi, guys so I am very pumped today as I have decided that from tomorrow, I will be starting to learn Machine Learning which by the way if you had read the first ever Post of this blog  where I talk about my future goals, you must know that I am very passionate about it .

Starting To Learn New Stuff :

Usually when I am going to learn something new I have this kind of exciting and anxious period of a day before I start it where I just  think that, will I be able to do this or not ? and ML being the thing I always had in mind and the only thing I really want to dive deep into, well besides algorithms and competitive programming, I am just getting all the feelings now .

And maybe also because this is a completely new stream as compared to all our classical streams like Web Devs, Mobile Devs and our good old Software Engineering .

The Inspiration Behind :  
                                   Starting To Learn Machine Learning  thecsengineer saumya ranjan nayak
I still remember the first time ever I wanted to learn Machine Learning . So this how the story goes, one day I decided to watch a YouTube Originals series called The Age of AI ,honestly because on the thumbnail there was Robert Downey Jr. , and being a fan of Avengers and tech I just had to watch it . So, every episode was just very inspirational for me. But what struck me was, that smile on the faces of people who were going through various difficulties in their life. And a bunch of engineers and researchers got together and made something that brought up that smile and thus had a huge impact on their life. 
Then after some thinking I came to the conclusion that isn't it why we are here - to contribute as  much as possible to the life here on earth .
Then I just decided that someday I will definitely learn AI and master it as in my opinion of all the tech that we have on earth at this point AI is the most impactful and has the power to literally push the human race forward . This thought has just been with me since .

The Right Way To Learn :

So, from my experiences with learning new stuff, I have come to know one must not watch a lot of tutorials else one just gets trapped in the tutorial hell. 

So, I have decided to take complete hands on approach to learn it . And as I have decided to start learning ML early, as compared to what I had planned earlier so I have decided to start slowly and consistently daily just by reading a book, googling stuff and applying what it says. So ,I researched to know actually which one is the best book and I think I have found the perfect book for me and for every one who wants to get into the world of Machine Learning with a practical approach , so this book is called :

Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras and Tensor Flow 
written by Aurélien Géron and published by O'Reilly Media, Inc. 

Click below to know more about the book :

So , I have just made my mind that even on days where I don't want to study I will read at least 1 page instead of procrastinating pointlessly  .So the plan is just to be super-consistent and do it daily as this is the only way anyone can master anything . Ya and I am also sharpening my Python skills on HackerRank now .

Speaking of consistency I became 3 stars on CodeChef today after the November Long Challenge .Now the goal is to practice more and get comfortable in CodeForces B level question . Okay, let's get back to the topic at hand .

I am also thinking about documenting this process on my YouTube channel and just explaining what I learn and things that I find interesting .

So, I hope everything goes good and Thanks for Reading this far !!😀🧡


Saumya Ranjan Nayak

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