Learning And Improving as a Computer Science Sophomore | The Lockdown Life Update #1

Learning And Improving as a Computer Science Sophomore | The Lockdown Life Update #1

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Competitive Programming Progress :

Been participating in CodeForces contests consistently since some time and may be I will leave a picture of my graph below . 
Thus got frustrated a lot at first by not being able to solve some easier slightly tricky problems like even the A level problem . But slowly learning to stay calm and focused in such situations as logically this is the only way to reach a solution and not by getting sad or mad .

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So, after solving the second A2OJ ladder which has 100 problems now I am confident on solving A  and now I am working on solving B. A2OJ is a great source for practicing problems do try it out .
Ya that's it .

And lately since 3 to 4 days feeling kind of distracted and thus haven't been productive , so maybe I need to kind of reboot myself from tomorrow and practice well . 

Catching up with College : 

I also have to catchup on the College subjects like Probabililty and Linear Algebra which I am very interested in and very lucky to have those in my curriculum this semester as these are a prerequisite for Machine Learning .

About the Google Kickstart :

The upcoming KickStart Round H is on Novemeber 15th which I am pretty excited about . In the last contest I managed to solve 2 problems out of 4 and got a rank of 4000-ish out out approx. 8000 participants and this has been my best performance yet in the Google Kickstart . This is my first year of participating in Kickstart Rounds which if you don't know happens  throughout the year in different months and I love it . The goal is to solve the C problem this time - Fingers crossed 🤞🤞. 
Getting those green ticks is the best feeling ever✔️✔️ .Competitive Programmers will know .

The thing is that everyday, one has the choice to either do something that makes one ordinary or extraordinary .

The goal is just have a positive and calm mindset so that I always choose the right decision and not the easy one and just make myself proud as I look back at the day after some time .

On that note I have decided that starting today every will either publish a video on my YouTube channel or write a blog here .

After all consistency and work wins above all .