The Power of Being Consistent in Life and Computer Science

The Power of Being Consistent in Life and Computer Science


Power of Being Consistent in Computer Science and Life thecsengineer saumya ranjan nayak

The lockdown has been pretty long and  many of us have been learning new things , experimenting a lot and in the process learning a lot about about ourselves on both personal and professional level like I discovered that for some reason I don't like CSS  LOL . Jokes aside let's be serious now.

What is the Problem ? :

We have been setting goals and working towards achieving them . Some time getting in that zone or flow state and sometime procrastinating. Some time able to achieve the goals and some time not . 

In this process what I have noticed is that we sometimes take up very large goals and keep a small deadline and many times this type of decision is associated with the a tendency to get a satisfaction of achievement as early as possible . For example sometime I say to myself-"Okay , this contest is at 10 days later and within these 10 days I will solve 50-60 good problems and do well in the contest ." 

But what happens is that such goals are so unrealistic that we end up feeling burned out some days later . This is something like watching a 10 hour long tutorial maybe within 2 days and get that satisfaction of okay now I know this tech stack but turns out later that one just end up in a tutorial hell .

I think this is called Instant or Immediate or Short term gratification which is very bad and one should always stay away from this trap .

Here I have just related it the world of Computer Science but this is a very big thing top stay aware of in day to day life .For example watching that one more episode of Game of Thrones to get the that short term satisfaction while procrastinating on the problems that you had to solve. 


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The Key :

So, what I have found out is that the key to stay away from this trap is the self-discipline to stay consistent bit by bit every day . 

It takes a lot of time to develop this discipline to be consistent especially while starting out but once it happens the habit just gets into the subconscious,  life just becomes smooth ,planned and you always know how you can achieve anything in life .

The Power of Being Consistent in Computer Science  thecsengineer saumya ranjan Nayak 


Realization :

So, I realized this when I made this goal of solving 100 problems on CodeForces and this just seems very much at first but what I did was broke it down to 2-3 problems at least everyday and the thing I want to mention here is that this would not have worked like every time other time if I hadn't written the number of goals on a white board in front of me which made me see it every day and the I just kept increasing the numbers slowly everyday and and at the end of around 45 days, this seemingly impossible task was done and writing that 100/100 on the whiteboard was a complete different thing .

Power of Being Consistent in Computer Science  thecsengineer saumya ranjan nayak

So, from my experience what  I would suggest any one trying to achieve a large goal is :

✔️ Take a paper write the Goal and start breaking it down into pieces which can be achieved every day easily .

✔️ Then write it somewhere where you easily see it every day , this will help you to never forget or ignore it  .

✔️ Be disciplined and calm enough to not procrastinate whatever happens and to just complete it before you call it a day and this also gives a different kind of  satisfaction knowing that it was a day you will be proud of .

Getting Inspired :

I know there are many real life examples of  people who made just because they were consistent no matter what like Elon when 3 of his  rockets crashed ,but its been some time and I am really into Chess and I want to mention an awesome person named Sagar Shah, who is the owner of ChessBase India and also maintains an YouTube channel which recently touched 500K subscribers and I was amazed to know that he had published around 300 videos when he had 800 subscribers . This is just gives me inspiration as I am too going to start uploading videos on YouTube on my channel Future Driven.

I mean this is level of consistency one needs to have and not to mention one needs to love a thing that much too else everything just fades away with time .

So, lets just keep doing what we love consistently and good things will happen and yes a very Happy Diwali !!   ๐ŸŽ‡๐Ÿช”๐Ÿงก

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