My Local Hack Day 2021 Experience | Major League Hacking | EquiCode

My Local Hack Day 2021 Experience | Major League Hacking | EquiCode

My Local Hack Day 2021 Experience | Major League Hacking | EquiCode Saumya Ranjan Nayak

Hey there ! Welcome to the blog and so here I am attending another awesome event organized by Major League Hacking after the NewYearNewHackDay Hackathon where I presented our App and you can watch it HERE

So, I have joined a beautiful community of tech enthusiasts called EquiCode as a community influencer and the most  awesome thing is that EquiCode is participating as a guild in the ongoing Local Hack Day Event by Major League Hacking . And I would definitely suggest anyone interested in programming or the tech community to must register for the event HERE .

What is Local Hack Day 2021 ?

So, this how it works - so after registering for the contest one has to join the Major League Hacking's discord server where you will find many guilds and I would definitely suggest you to join our guild at EquiCode as we are one of the top in the leaderboard holding the 3rd spot . 

So, after you join a guild ,you will find a lot of enthusiasts like you, who want to learn and grow. 

And to earn points you and your teammates will have to register and check in daily for very simple tasks where you will learn a lot from the people at MLH and submit some forms showing that you have completed the challenge and you will earn points for yourself as well as you guild, as simple as that ! 

So, at the end of the day you can see both the team and individual leaderboard HERE and thus work with you guild mates to climb to the top by earning more points .

My Experience :

So, me and my guild mates at EquiCode are learning a lot throughout this process of attending workshops, earning points and taking our guild to the top . 

I have come to know and connect with some awesome people in just this span of 2-3 days of chatting around on the discord channels and especially today was great, as we hopped on a video call to complete a challenge named "Share the Meal", which turned out to be pretty awesome as we discovered the pretty faces behind the discord usernames and at last our screenshots of the call ended up in the MLH's instagram stories . So, that was pretty great  . 

Ya, and honestly I love our EquiCode community a lot and would love to be a part of it for years to come and make it big and impactful.

Here's a glimpse of the happy faces :

My Local Hack Day 2021 Experience | Major League Hacking | EquiCode

As of now it is the Day 3 of the event I guess and our strategy is to keep completing tasks and thus lead the leaderboard. 
Here's the leaderboard after Day 2 : 
 My Local Hack Day 2021 Experience | Major League Hacking | EquiCode

It may be updated while you are reading it so you can see it HERE

And also according to the individual ranking as of now, around 5-6 people from our guild are in the top 30 individuals and that is pretty awesome . I was there after the day 1 and now I have to work a bit more I guess .

At Last : 

So, it's going pretty great and I and my team will make sure of the fact that EquiCode wins the Local Hack Day 2021 and if not it, tries it's best . 

And at last a big Thank You  to Major League Hacking for arranging such an awesome event and we all are having a lot of fun .  

Thanks for reading it so far !! ✔️🧡